Mannin 2014

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Photos courtesy of Margaret Dodd


After the match was postponed in January due to the bad weather and field condition, the Mannin match took place at Slegaby on Saturday 8th March.


#Walter_Radcliffe from Regaby made a successful return to ploughing matches by taking first place in the vintage class.



1Walter Radcliife122
2Michael Craine109
3Francis Garnett108
4Jimmy Corlett103
5Allan Craine102
6Michael Reubens86
7Peter Faragher85


Manx style

1Billy Cormode118
2Harold Leece115
3David Corlett110


General purpose

1Colin Duggan118
2Steven Lace108



1Shaun Gale124
2Nicola Rawnsley123
3Samantha Crellin119
Ian TilleyDNF


Other prize winners were:

BEST BUTT     Colin Duggan

BEST BYE        Nicola Rawnsley

BEST CLASH    Shaun Gale

NEWCOMER   Shaun Gale


Thanks to all the organisers, judges, and the ladies who provided dinner.


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