SYFC match results


The full results from last Saturday’s match are now available.


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It was a welcome return for the Southern Young Farmers match after it was cancelled last year due to the bad weather and was held on land at Ballavell, by kind permission of #Colin_Duggan. The day was dry and the sun shone – well for half an hour in the afternoon anyway.


There was a good turnout of competitors with some new faces to match ploughing, which is very pleasing to see.


#Ciaran_Cain form Peel, continued to improve and finished third in the vintage mounted class with #Jack_Garrett, from St Marks, being placed fourth in the World Style class.


Manx Style
PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Billy Cormode17171717171616117
2Harold Leece15161617171617114
3David Corlett15151516171616110


World style
PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Gordon Kennaugh16131215151415100
2Stephen Ennett1612141415121598
3Steven Lace1614151011121290
4Jack Garrett1212131014121487
5Will Duggan1014121113121284


Vintage mounted
PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Alan Radcliffe18171716171717119
2Jimmy Corlett16161517161717114
3Ciaran Cain15151515161716109
4David Radcliffe13161615161715108
5Michael Reubens13161614151715106
6Alan Craine14151514151714104
7Billy Corkish13151515151612101
8David Corkish1214141314171397


Vintage trailed
PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Tony Collister16181818181817123


PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightnessIns & OutClashPoints
1Gordon Clague17171717171616117


Thanks to #Stephen_Ennett for the results, the SYFC for organising a good match, and to the catering team on the day.