Northern Young Farmers match

Another Saturday, another match and another wet day

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Special thanks to Margaret Dodd who was there to capture the proceedings with her camera. Not sure how she kept it dry….


Gale force winds and horizontal rain greeted the competitors as they turned up for the 2014 Northern Young Farmers match. So numbers were down after some went home and some didn’t plough.

The rain cleared at about 11:30am and it was #Colin_Duggan, who had decided to wait to start ploughing who won the general purpose class.
Al ‘Steady’ Radcliffe decided to try a new way for ploughing his bye and it worked, as he did his best bye in years.

Only two teams of horses ventured out into the elements, with #Gordon_Clague taking the prize in his class and the best butt on the field.


General Purpose Tractors

PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityAppearanceIns & OutsClashTotal
1Colin Duggan1516171518141595
2Gordon Kennaugh1416161516141291
3Stephen Ennett1215161415141186
4Steven Lace916161614141185
5William Duggan111415131416983
6Peter Faragher121010101412868



PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityAppearanceIns & OutsClashTotal
1Alan Radcliffe1614161617141393
2Tony Collister1114141314141280
3Michael Craine1313131314121178
4Alan Craine1011111114121169
5Michael Reubens610681012852



PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityAppearanceIns & OutsClashTotal
1Gordon Clague18171718181412102
2Shaun Gale1615161716141494



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