Marown Ploughing match 2014 – results and photos

The 2014/15 ploughing season got underway today on land above the Braaid,by kind permission of Messrs Christian, Ellerslie.


As usual Margaret Dodd was on duty and has generously supplied photos form the day.

[gmedia id=109]



Manx Style

1Emma Faragher1618181817171817139
2David Corlett1717171717171816136


Vintage Tactors

1Jimmy Corlett1314131312121390
2Allan Craine1510111112141588
3Peter Faragher1011121214131385
4Tony Watterson1212121211111080
5Michael Reubens1410101099971
6Ciaran Cain1099911111069


Classic Tractors

1Stephen Ennett15131414151616103


General Purpose Tractors

1Colin Duggan19181515161817118
2Gordon Kennaugh19171616151313109
3Will Duggan17151616141413105
4Steven Lace1612141410131291


General Purpose Horses

1Nicola Rawnsley15151717161797
Shaun GaleDQ (late finish)


Don’t forget the prize presentation on Thursday 30th October at Peel Golf Club, with food being served at 8pm.

Full details can be had from any committee member

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