Technology comes to Marown Royal Ploughing match

There have been ploughing matches staged in the parish of Marown for over 150 years but this year’s match saw a new twist on the combination of old and new technologies.

As is usual these days, the horse ploughs competed against modern tractors and ploughs but this year for the first time competitors were able to enter the match using an online entry form. Of the 18 entries that were received by the closing date, 56% of them had been made electronically.


But what competitors may not have been aware of was that a new way of recording the judges marks was successfully tested. In what could be a first, the manx-ploughing system allowed results to be captured on a small hand held mobile device.




The weather on the days was fine but the system is designed to avoid the possibility of illegible score sheets as pages get wet or dirty and fits easily into a pocket. It will then provide instant totals for the results which can be printed or published to the internet in a matter of minutes.

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