2014 Southern Vintage ploughing match

There was an International feel to this year’s Southern Vintage ploughing match

Held on land next to Colby football club, which was kindly provided by #Paul_Costain, ploughmen from Wales joined the locals on a dry but blustery day.


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Thanks again to Margaret Dodd for the quality photos from the day


The judges for the day were #Dennis_Clarke , #Herbie_Corkish  , #Ray_Gawne #John_Hooson  and #Phil_Gawne who awarded the prizes as follows:


Southern Vintage Engine & Tractor Club Shield – World Class #Gordon_Kennaugh

Cecil J Mitchell Shield – Vintage Trailer Diesel – #Francis_Garnett

Darnills World Shield – Vintage Mounted TVO – #Jimmy_Corlett

Rose & David Corkish Shield – Vintage Mounted Diesel – #Alan_Radcliffe

Bill & Beryl Corkish Shield – Manx Style – #David_Corlett

Roy Hutchinson Memorial Shield – Classic Tractor Class – #Colin_Duggan

Ferguson TE-20 System Class –  #Peter_Eaton

Robert & Helen Cleator Shield – Horses – #Gordon_Clague

Jack Collinson Trophy – Best Horse Ploughing Clash – #Nicola_Rawnsley

F Faragher Trophy – Best Novice – #Harry_Kelly

J Quilliam Trophy – Youngest Competitor – #Harry_Kelly

Bob Corkish Cup – Best Clash –  #David_Hankey

Metalco Shield – Ladies Trophy – #Nicola_Rawnsley

Mrs E M Cubbon Shield – Tractor of the Match – #Chris_Clegg

John & Brenda Costain Cup –  Best Butt (Tractors) – #Alan_Radcliffe

Ballaconnell Cup – Best Butt (Horses) #Gordon_Kennaugh

T O’Connell Trophy – Best Harness Turn out – #Nicola_Rawnsley


The full results were

World Style

PositionNameSplitByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightnessIns & outsClashPoints
1Gordon Kennaugh1516161416151616124
2Will Duggan1714141416151513118
3Steven Lace1514151515131413114
4Graham Jones1514141414141414113



PositionNameSplitByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightnessIns & outsClashPoints
1Colin Duggan1416161616161617127
2David Hankey1716161516151417126
3Stephen Ennett1615151515161517124
4Gareth Jones1414151616151514119
5Bill Banks1314141414141413110



PositionNameSplitByeSkimmersUniformityPackingSeedbedIns & outsClashPoints
1Alan Radcliffe1617171815181616133
2Glynn Jones1615171515171616127
3Tony Watterson1614161716161615126
4Jimmy Corlett1613151612171714120
5Peter Faragher1514151312141515113
6Francis Garnett1612151312141614112
7Ciaran Cain1611151412131511107
8Michael Reubens1010161312141412101



PositionNameSplitByeSkimmersUniformityPackingSeedbedIns & outsClashPoints
1Pater Eaton12910101010101283
2Harry Kelly11810121011101082
3Chris Clegg10101011101010879


Manx Style

PositionNameOpeningByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightnessIns & outsClashPoints
1David Corlett1516171816181717134



PositionNameOpeningByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightnessIns & outsClashPoints
1Gordon Clague1818181817191818144
2Nicola Rawnsley1717181718171719140
3George Crellin1514151616161516123

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