NYFC ploughing match 2015

The sun was shining on Jurby this year

The high winds and driving rain from last year’s  Northern Young Farmers match were a distant memory for the competitors at the 2015 event.

This year marked the 16th year that Liz and Will McMillan provided the land and as usual the field was a good dry one.

#Colin_Duggan ploughed the best butt on the field and the ploughing results were as follows


PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityClashIns & OutsAppearanceTotal
1Colin Duggan1817181818181718142
2Alan Radcliffe1717171617161717134
3Michael Craine1617161617161717132
4Gordon Kennaugh1817161616151715130
5William Duggan1815161616161715129
5Stephen Ennett1814171716141716129
7Tony Collister1515171716151716128
8Graham Jones1513171616161716126
8Francis Garnett-Ore1516151517151716126
8David Radcliffe1614161616151716126
11Steven Lace1813151615161714124
12Shaun O'Boyle1216161615131716121
13Peter Faragher1215151514151715118
14Ciaran Cain1510161615141714117
15Allan Craine1411151615121714114


Manx Style

PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityClashIns & OutsAppearanceTotal
1David Corlett18181716171717120
2George Gelling18161716161716116
3Vera Cormode15161815151715111



PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityClashIns & OutsAppearanceTotal
1Shaun Gale15161717181717117
2Nicolas Patten17161617161717116
3Nicola Rawnsley15161617161716113



1Will McMillan18
2Jordan Kenyon17
2Derek Kermeen17
4Gareth Quayle16
4Chris Corlett16
4Sophie Lord16
7Michael Corlett14
8Ben Carey12
8Eddie Quirk12


Thanks to #Margaret_Dodd and Dougie for the photos of the day

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