Southern Young Farmers match

After another week of rain, hopes were high with the forecast of bright and relatively warm weather. However, the day started out murky and with a breeze blowing, it never really got any better. The field, kindly provided by the Duggan family, was surprisingly dry and resulted in a good standard of ploughing.


SYFC230116 (104)With no horse classes due to the outbreak of Stangles, a potential new class was demonstrated by #Ian_Tilley and #Gerry_Vernon – Land Rover ploughing.

With Gerry in the handles and Ian looking after the new ‘horse’ the pair stood out in a field of tractors – although how it would work with a team of two might never be tested.


Judges for the day were #Robbie_Corkish, #Philip_Hampton , #Billy_Clelland and #Dennis_Duggan.



World style

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Colin Duggan16181818191918.519145.5
2Gordon Kennaugh1719181817181919145
3Steven Lace1617191716171617135
4Shaun Gale1118181818171617133
5Tony Collister1316181815161716131
6Graham Jones1215181914161615125

Manx style

1David Corlett

Vintage mounted

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Alan Radcliffe1616161617171618132
2Mickey Craine1617161517171616130
3Jimmy Corlett1215151614151615118
4Peter Faragher1415141414151615112
5Chris Clegg1112141416161611110
6=Peter Eaton1312141412151613109
6=Mickey Reubens1414121214141613109
6=Ciaran Cain1512141414121612109
9Jeffrey Kelly1012131313141614105

Vintage trailed

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Francis Garnett-Ore1612141616161617123


1Will Duggan
2Ste Ennett
3Charlie Vernon
4=Tom Callister
4=Seamus Doolan


#Margaret_Dodd has again braved the conditions to bring an excellent selection of photos to capture the day

[gmedia id=139]

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