Southern Young Farmers match

SYFC230116 (104)

After another week of rain, hopes were high with the forecast of bright and relatively warm weather. However, the day started out murky and with a breeze blowing, it never really got any better. The field, kindly provided by the Duggan family, was surprisingly dry and resulted in a good standard of ploughing.


SYFC230116 (104)With no horse classes due to the outbreak of Stangles, a potential new class was demonstrated by #Ian_Tilley and #Gerry_Vernon – Land Rover ploughing.

With Gerry in the handles and Ian looking after the new ‘horse’ the pair stood out in a field of tractors – although how it would work with a team of two might never be tested.


Judges for the day were #Robbie_Corkish, #Philip_Hampton , #Billy_Clelland and #Dennis_Duggan.



World style

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Colin Duggan16181818191918.519145.5
2Gordon Kennaugh1719181817181919145
3Steven Lace1617191716171617135
4Shaun Gale1118181818171617133
5Tony Collister1316181815161716131
6Graham Jones1215181914161615125

Manx style

1David Corlett

Vintage mounted

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Alan Radcliffe1616161617171618132
2Mickey Craine1617161517171616130
3Jimmy Corlett1215151614151615118
4Peter Faragher1415141414151615112
5Chris Clegg1112141416161611110
6=Peter Eaton1312141412151613109
6=Mickey Reubens1414121214141613109
6=Ciaran Cain1512141414121612109
9Jeffrey Kelly1012131313141614105

Vintage trailed

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Francis Garnett-Ore1612141616161617123


1Will Duggan
2Ste Ennett
3Charlie Vernon
4=Tom Callister
4=Seamus Doolan


#Margaret_Dodd has again braved the conditions to bring an excellent selection of photos to capture the day

[gmedia id=139]

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