IOM National 2016

Alan Radcliffe was the overall winner of the 2016 Isle of Man National Ploughing championships that were held on Saturday 13th February at Ballacrebbin.

Despite the field being a little wet at the beginning of the week, by the time competitors started to arrive, it had dried out considerably and resulted in a high overall standard of ploughing.

Judges for the day were #Alfie_Collister, #Jack_Clague and #Billy_Cormode


PositionNameSplitByeUse of SkimmersUniformityFirmnessStraightnessIns & OutsClashPoints
1Alan Radcliffe5454535450535151420
2Gordon Kennaugh5649525049525356417
3Colin Duggan5344455147535353399
4Tony Collister4747495147495147388
5Gordon Clague4146494946495044374
6Mickey Craine4245504643494744366
7Francis Garnett-Ore3743504446465141358
8Stephen Lace3635444847485049357
9Peter Faragher384148443474747356
10David Corlett3636445043504945353
11Ciaran Cain3542504545465036349
12Micky Reubens3936444141464839334
13Geoffrey Kelly3540423942424940329



PositionNameByeUse of SkimmersUniformityFirmnessStraightnessIns & OutsClashPoints
1Shaun Gale51505347534545344
2=Nicola Rawnsley43494747484745326
2=Ian Tilley45474948474842326

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