Marown Ploughing Match 2016 – results & photos

Despite the overcast conditions not lifting during the day, those that attended this year’s Marown Royal Ploughing Match at Ballamillaghyn had a most enjoyable day. Spells of drizzle in the morning did clear but the sun never really got to shine.

Numbers were down this year with only one horse team entered which was mainly due to the Horse Trams still running on Douglas Promenade and several of the tractor ploughmen otherwise engaged.

The Society is indebted to Mrs Hezlett and everyone at Ballamillaghyn for the excellent site and their hospitality. Thanks also go to the judges Philip Caley, Allan Craine and Robbie Corkish.

The ploughing results were:

Manx style

1Emma Faragher161815161616.51515127.5
2David Corlett1517161615141616125


Vintage tractors

1Alan Radcliffe18171716171716118
2Tony Collister16151617151517111
3Jimmy Corlett17161515151615109
4Francis Garnett-Ore15151515161514105
5Ciaran Cain13141616141414101


Classic tractors

1Jeffrey Kelly15141414141415100


General purpose – tractors

1Colin Duggan17181617181717.5120.5
2Steven Lace17161618171717118


General purpose – horses

1Nicola Rawnsley17161615161595


Colin Duggan won the best bye, best clash and best butt on the field

Once again Margaret Dodd was on hand to capture the events of the day.


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