NYFC 2017 results and photos

The 2017 season got off to a great start and for the ploughmen who ventured down to Jurby, they enjoyed the hospitality of Liz and Will McMillan and the Northern Young Farmers Club. The excellent site, as usual on the Bretney, meant a good standard of ploughing for judges Billy Clelland and Willie Kermeen to review.

With a few ploughmen off Island, the early morning bad weather from Ballaugh southwards and the roadworks in Foxdale all conspiring together meant that the overall numbers were slightly down on previous years but no less spirit.

Margaret Dodd was again on hand to capture the events of the day and had to try to keep the camera dry during the heavy showers that passed over after dinner.

Jess Clague, the secretary of the club has kindly provided the results and wishes to express thanks to everyone who supported the event


PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityClashIns & OutsAppearanceTotal
1Tony Collister1715131413141514115
2Micky Craine1515141414141213112
3Walter Radcliffe1414141412121512107
4Allan Craine111213131210151197


PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityClashIns & OutsAppearanceTotal
1Gordon Clague17151516171516111
2Ian Tilley1414141213151294

Manx Style

PosNameByeSeedbedPackingUniformityClashIns & OutsAppearanceTotal
1Emma Faragher16161613121514102

World Style

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityClashIns & OutsAppearanceTotal
1Gordon Kennaugh1615161616151515124
2Alan Radcliffe1313151513131514111
3Steven Lace1412151513131513110

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