Isle of Man National match 2017

Colin Duggan is the 2017 Manx champion ploughman.

There was a late change of venue but the new site proved to be excellent and produced an overall high standard. There was a bitterly cold wind blowing all day and so all spectators deserved a special mention but Margaret Dodd deserved a medal by staying all day to capture another fine set of photos.

In the horse class, Gordon Clague took the handles to win.



Full results


PosNameSplitByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Colin Duggan5153545253545151419
2Gordon Kennaugh5452515349505350409
3Stephen Ennett5050515250505249404
4Alan Radcliffe4746505048505155397
5William Duggan4845494850505146387
6Tony Collister4444484846485148377
6Frances Garnett-Ore3743464746465249366



PosNameByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Gordon Clague52525252545251365
2Nicola Rawnsley47514950495351350
3Ian Tilly40474546475146322

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