Southern Vintage ploughing match 2017 – Results & photos 1

The Southern Vintage Engine and Tractor Club wishes to thank Paul Costain for the use of the 2 fields at Colby which is greatly appreciated. There were 16 tractor outfits on the field, one tractor ploughed two plots with different drivers and thank you to Nicola and David Rawnsley for ploughing against each other. The Club would also like to thank David Hankey for coming over from North Wales to compete in our match. Again the Club would like to thank the judges for their time and patience.

Bill Galley and John Bean had two horticultural machines on the field. The orange one was a 1965 Howard 350 with a Kohler engine having had a rotavator removed and a Howard plough fitted. The green one was a 1936/37 Clifford machine with a Jap mk 5 engine fitted with a Clifford Mk 1 Ridging Plough.

The Club also thanks the Tynwald Inn for looking after us for the presentation in the evening.

Prize Winners


Southern Vintage Engine & Tractor Club Shield

World Class

1st:    David Hankey – 128 – Case Inter. 895 – Best Bye                                                                       

2nd:   Gordon Clague – 123 – International 574

3rd:   Steven Lace – 117 – MF-4235


Cecil J Mitchell Shield

Vintage Trailer Diesel

1st:    Tony Collister -132- Diesel Fordson N – Best Bye       

2nd:   Francis Garnett-Ore – 120 – MF-35


Darnills World Shield

Vintage Mounted TVO

1st:    Jimmy Corlett – 108 – MF-35 – Best Bye

2nd:   Chris Clegg – 93 – Ferguson TE-20


Rose & David Corkish Shield

Vintage Mounted Diesel

1st:    Alan Radcliffe – 130 – MF-35 – Best Bye

2nd:   Mickey Craine – 126 – MF-65

3rd:   Peter Faragher – 123 – Fordson Dexta


Bill & Beryl Corkish Shield

Manx Style

1st:    David Corlett – 118


Roy Hutchinson Memorial Shield

Classic Tractor Class

1st:    Colin Duggan – 128 – International 454 – Best Bye

2nd:   Stephen Ennett – 121- International

3rd:   Jeffrey Kelly – 96 – MF-165


Ferguson T-20 System Class

1st:    Chris Clegg – 93 – TE-20 – Best Bye

2nd:   Peter Eaton – 93 – TE-20

3rd:   Dave Turner – 87 –TE-20


Robert & Helen Cleator Shield


 1st:   Nicola Rawnsley – 112- Best Bye

2nd:   David Rawnsley – 108


Jack Collinson Trophy for

Best Horse Ploughing Clash:  Nicola Rawnsley

F Faragher Trophy:  Best Novice:  Dave Turner


Bob Corkish Cup: Best Tractor Clash:  Alan Radcliffe


Metalco Shield:   Ladies Trophy: Nicola Rawnsley

Mrs E M Cubbon Shield for the Tractor of the Match: Stuart Callow – Case 75


 John & Brenda Costain Cup for the Best Ploughing on the Field for tractors: Alan Radcliffe


Ballaconnell Cup:  Best Ploughing on the field For Horses:  Nicola Rawnsley



Raymond Gawne                                     

Dennis Quirk

Jack Clague




PositionNameByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightnessIns & outsClashPoints
1Nicola Rawnsley15151416171718112
2David Rawnsley14151414171717108


Manx Style

PositionNameByeSkimmersUniformityPackingSeedbedIns & outsClashPoints
1David Corlett17161717171717118


Vintage Trailed

PosNameSplitByeSeedbedPackingUniformityStraightIns & OutClashPoints
1Tony Collister1717161617171616132
2Francis Garnett-Ore1414161415161615120


Vintage Hydraulic

PositionNameSplitByeSkimmersUniformityPackingSeedbedIns & outsClashPoints
1Alan Radcliffe1415171616171718130
2Mickey Craine1417181616151515126
3Peter Faragher1313161716171615123
4Jimmy Corlett141517151615160108
5Peter Eaton101013121213121193
5Chris Clegg1111139131512993
7David Turner8813121212121087



PositionNameSplitByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightnessIns & outsClashPoints
1Colin Duggan1515161617161617128
2Stephen Ennett1513161416151616121
3Jeffrey Kelly131213111111131096


World Style

PositionNameSplitByeSeedbedUniformityPackingStraightnessIns & outsClashPoints
1David Hankey1615171517161616128
2Gordon Clague1515161715151614123
3Steven Lace1413151518151413117
4Stuart Callow1511151213161612110


Once again thanks to Margaret Dodd who has captured the events of the day at Colby.



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