Mannin ploughing match results and photos

Saturday 27th January 2018

Manx Style:

1st  Billy  Cormode ,   111 points


General purpose:

1st  Gordon Kennaugh      106 points

2nd Ste Ennett                    105 points

3rd    Steven Lace               104 points

4th  Colin Duggan              103 points

5th  Stuart Callow                93 Points



1st  Alan Radcliffe   114 points

2nd Chris Clague          105 points



1st  Gordon Clauge      122 points

2nd  N Rawnsley ,   109 points


Best Bye: Gordon Clague

Best Clash: Gordon Clague

Best Butt:  Gordon Clague


There was a depleted entry of  10 this year, due to other events taking place,  on what turned out to be a  wet and windy day ,

A big thank you to the ladies for  lunch which was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks also goes to the men that made the day happen and also marking the field out. Special to Brian Moore  and John Willie Moore for letting us  use  one of the fields at Bibaloe , and also Freddie Clague for his help in marking the field .  Thank you  to all the  judges, and grateful  thanks to  all the competitors for turning up to compete. If you have any cups from previous years still to be returned, please let the committee know

Also pair of blue glasses were found on the field when clearing up.

Margaret Dodd captured the day

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